Revive Medical Spa


Revive Medical Spa specializes in medical and aesthetic skin rejuvenation. Services include:

makeupDermatological Skin Care Products (Pharmaceutical Grade)
  • Hydrating moisturizing creams
  • Anti-aging gels
  • Acne treatments
  • Bleaching creams

Mineral Make-Up

  • Eyeshadow
  • Face Base
  • Lip Gloss

Treatment Menu



Skin Analysis
Come in for a 30 minute appointment with our skin care professionals to discuss all of your cosmetic skincare needs including anti-aging products and makeup application. $50

Deep Pore Cleansing
For oily, acne prone skin. The use of our enzyme treatment mask will remove dead skin and and soften the pores to allow for gentle and effective extraction. S65

The Hydration Sensation
For dull, dry skin. Combined with exfoliation, a hydrating ampoule and paraffin mask, this facial is designed to revitalize your skin and allow for improved product penetration. $85

The Supreme Marine
For sensitive skin. Let the power of the Sea calm and soothe the skin. With the use of an ampoule designed for sensitive skin and on algae purifying mask, your skin will be calm and hydrated. $95

painting face

Signature Facial ReViVe Age Refiner
Designed for mature skin. This facial includes the power of salicylic acid in a TCA chemical peel used to tighten pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines. After the peel a collagen rnask with be applied to rehydrate and plump the skin. $125

Chemical Peel/Exfoliation

  • Enzyme Mask $50
  • TCA 10%/3% Salicylic Acid Chemical Peel $95
  • TCA 30% Chemical Peel  $125
  • Microdermabrasion  Mega-Peel $130


  • Add on A- la-Carte service to any facial
  • Back Treatment $45
  • Ampoules $15
  • Enzyme Treatment $35
  • Extractions with Enzyme Treatment $50
  • TCA/Salicylic Acid Chemical Peel $85
  • Lactic Acid Treatment $25
  • Eye/tip Treatment S25
  • Paraffin $25

wax men

Waxing Services Available

  • Brow $15
  • Brow/lip $22
  • Lip $10
  • Chin $10
  • Face  $28
  • wax legs

    Full Back $75
  • Chest $50
  • Underarms $30
  • Half leg $40
  • Full leg $75
  • Bikini $25
  • Brazilian $55

Series of Waxing, Facials or Microdermabrasion
*Speak with your skincare professional about pricing

Laser Services

Specializing in laser hair removal, laser spider vein removal, lentigines and sun spots.   All treatments performed with the Gentle Max Laser by Candela.

Hair Removal

  • Upper Lip $85
  • Chin $85
  • Whole Face $175
  • Arms (both) $225
  • Under Arms (both) $200


  • Upper Legs $250
  • Lower Legs $250
  • Full Legs $450
  • Standard Bikini $150
  • Brazilian Bikini $195
  • Full Back (men) $475

Vascular Legions (Red Spots and Spider Veins)

  • Spider veins (both legs) $450
  • Spider veins (one leg) $250
  • Red spots $100
  • Superficial facial veins $150 - $200

Pigmented Lesions

  • Brown spots and freckle removal $100-$250
  • Wart removal $100

All New!!! Syneron E-Matrix Laser Treatments

Ematrix Santa Monica

Sublative laser treats fine lines under the eyes and around the eyes, above the lips and sides of cheeks, acne scars, large pores and hyperpigmentation.

  • Reduce fine lines, acne scars, retexture skin
  • Treatments $375-500 per treatment
  • (3 to 6 treatments for optimum results)
  • Reduced fine lines
  • $600 for 3 small areas, $900 for three large areas